Abraxane vs Taxol

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This medication is used to treat certain cancers (including breast, lung, and pancreatic cancer). Paclitaxel belongs to a class of drugs known as chemotherapy drugs. It works by slowing or stopping the growth of cancer cells.Paclitaxel is used to treat various types of cancer. It is a cancer chemotherapy drug that works by slowing or stopping cancer cell growth.
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guest | 26.08.13
Overall, I've had some nausea, extreme fatigue, and numbing in my lips and lower face. My cancer markers have gone up but I've only been on the drug for 1 month. I'll write another review after a few months.
guest | 25.07.13
I too had mets to the bone and liver, had TAC first time round, definitely a lot easier than before. Three weeks on 1 week off, just finished third week of third month and am having two very much needed weeks off. WCC very low probably due to lack of sleep caused by menopause, haven't wanted to use sleeping pills but think the benefit of sleep is greater than the loss of acid gain. No nausea at all, hair thinning, blood nose third week of each cycle too. Had my first lots of scans after the first weeks of third month and significant tumour reductions, hope to have no more than five months on treatment.
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guest | 03.07.13
This is the most toxic drug i have ever have had put in my body. I had such a severe reaction my hair blew away literally the day after my 1st infusion, that's getting ahead of myself! I broke out in massive hives from top of head to tip of toes i had to go on heavy steroids, then scratch my skin off for 2 wks. To top it all off, my legs started to feel painful and numb, then my hands and feet then up my legs! Well guess what I developed NEUROPATHY AFTER THE ONE DOSE OF THIS CHERNOBYL COCTAIL!!! Then on to doxirubicin, it's now 2 yrs later and I'm a 2 time survivor, with double mastectomy. Neuropathy, from Taxol, and heart problems from doxyrubicin. Make sure u know what you are having put in ur body! Weigh pros and cons. Be an advocate for ur own health, ask ???. Write everything down, or bring somebody with you to visits and have them take notes. Read all about meds before you take them. Tell ur doc u want full disclosure of everything!!! Good luck.God bless. Hope for a cure.
RegMar | 19.06.12
Orig. dx with mets to spine.Did A&C when first diagnosed and made it through okay, but was very happy when it was over and had a complete response. Took aromatase inhibitors for 1 year, then PET showed mets in chest wall and liver. Took Taxol with minimal S/E; annoying neuropathy in feet was the worst part but tolerable. PET after 6 months showed NED! But the very next month an MRI showed tumors in my chest wall again and now, just 3 months later, a new spot on my liver. So Taxol worked well for me and I tolerated it well, but it worked only briefly. Now I start Xeloda. Hope it works and lasts a lot longer than Taxol.