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angel | 02.05.10
Heart started racing out of nowhere? Husband took me to the ER. BPM's were over 200. And, I am 29 weeks pregnant. When they gave me the Adenosine in my IV, it was a matter of seconds. You felt a funny feeling through your body for about 15 seconds. Other than that, it definitely worked for me!!
guest | 06.02.10
I received this drug IV in an ER dept when I noted to have a very high, pounding heartrate. My pulse when I got to the ER dept was 158bpm and it was causing me to have chest pressure, dizziness, and short of breath. I had never experienced this before and I am a healthy 30 year old female. When the vasovagal maneuvers didn't work they had to give me 3 doses of Adensoine and it gave me the worst chest pain/tightness, and I felt like I couldn't breathe. Unfortunately, it only dropped my heartrate to 80bpm for only 2 minutes and it shot back up again. I had to have cardioversion and that was also unpleasant but I was asleep and don't really remember it all. I still haven't found out why my heartrate was so high and I certainly hope I never have to experience it again.
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guest | 26.02.13
it was hard to breathe during the test and very uncomfortable. i read the reviews before taking test. i got a little stomack pain and minor headacke but it all went away quickly except the breathing part. i did not like the way it made me feel very scary. for me. no vomiting or diarriera yet.
guest | 16.02.13
Went in to have this done, was a bit scared because of the reviews. I did great, piece of cake! Mild headache, but went away right away. Whoever thinks this is tough is a whimp! lol, seriously it was nothing. The dentist is by far worse