Albuterol vs Atrovent

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Consult your pharmacist.Atrovent Inhl is used to treat the following: Emphysema, Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease, COPD with Chronic Bronchitis
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guest | 30.01.13
I think the medicine works. However, my daughter gets hyper sometimes, other times she goes to sleep afterwards.
gumbanan | 05.02.12
My asthma is worse and the shaking snd dizziness are hard to cope with on top of not being able to breathe. I wouldn't recommend this medicine to my worst enemy.
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scincemomma | 29.05.10
I took my 13 yr old to the dr for an asthma attack brought on by allergies/sinus infection. I couldn't get the asthma under control w/neb Albuterol liquid 0.08%. They gave him Alb/Atrovent combo in a neb and he got dizzy 1/2 way through and fell forward. He complained of a severe headache in back of head and couldn't focus. I took mouthpiece out of his mouth and tried to help him regain focus. Dr had us sit for about 10 min and gave him Tylenol. I had some Gatorade and a granola bar. Had him eat a bite and drink. Started out door and he was walking off center. Complained of dizziness on way home, in car. Still has bad headache and now stomach cramps, two hours later. Dr said he had allergic reaction. Dr said no main side effects were reported with this drug. Be cautious and aware if using, esp w/child.
guest | 30.03.10
My 8 year old was having a severe asthma attack and nothing would get it under control. I took him to the doctor and they gave him 2 breathing treatments of Atrovent. It cleared up right away. The doctor was really hesitant about writing me a script for it, but after we went home and that night his asthma got worse, he gave me the script in the hospital. So far it has helped extremely well. There hasn't been any wheezing and he is doing great. I mix it with Albuterol twice a day just for that extra boost and re-assurance, then give it to him twice a day by itself. It is quite expensive, but worth it.