Benzalkonium vs Docosanol

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Consult your pharmacist.Docosanol is used to treat "cold sores/fever blisters" (herpes labialis). It can speed up healing of the sores and decrease symptoms (such as tingling, pain, burning, itching). It works by blocking the virus that causes the cold sores (herpes simplex) from entering the healthy skin cells and growing in number. This medication does not cure herpes and does not prevent passing the infection to someone else. It does not prevent a future occurrence. Do not use this medication to treat canker sores (sores found commonly in the mouth), shingles, or genital herpes.
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Heleno | 20.06.13
After 5 months of using Lastacaft, my eyes became swollen, baggy and droopy. After several weeks of this, I stopped using it (after consulting with my eye doctor, who said I was having an allergic reaction) and my eyes returned to normal after about a week. It worked for my allergies, but I was allergic to some ingredient in it.
GrannyTerriLynn | 25.03.13
I had 4 piercings in both ears at one time. Was give a 16 oz bottle of Icing Ear Care Solution, the main ingredient being Aqua then Benzalkonium Chloride. My ears have never been this sore after being pierced. I couldn't lay on my ear, having to "cup" the ear area with my hand. I returned to the old, but tried and true Hydrogen Peroxide and immediately felt relief. I again tried using the Benzalkonium Chloride to keep my new piercings clean - but they just became inflamed, red and sore. I'll continue to use Hydrogen Peroxide to clean my piercings. However, I've read some other uses for Benzalkonium Chloride that may be useful. I hope so. I'd hate to waste 16 oz of a medication for nothing.
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guest | 21.06.11
I have used Abreva for the last three or four epsodes of herpes labialis. I began applications 5 or 6 times a day at the very first hint of an outbreak - the tingling or feeling of tightness or the slight discomfort that occur prior to the full development of the cold sore. I have not had a cold sore erupt on any of the episodes where I used Abreva. None of the oral prescription drugs or prescription topical creams were able to prevent the development of the ulcer and scab. I have had cold sores for about 20 years and nothing has been as effective as Abreva if used early and applied every few hours. I am, by the way, a physician and familiar with the pharmacology of the various products available but, at least for me, Abreva has been absolutely amazing.
fed up | 07.12.10
the first few times i used abreva i saw ok results, but i kept having reaccuring sores every 1-2 months in the same spots on my lips, i was so fed up that i put abreva on the end of a small sewing needle and tattoo'd abreva into my sores continuously re dipping the needle into the abreva as i did thisi covered the entire area of infection changed needles and then covered the area surronding the infections, I have not had a cold sore in those area's since I did this, it's been over 6 months. note I did this out of desperate frustration and I caught the sores early when the skin just began to bubble.
guest | 10.09.10
I started applying it on day one, several times a day and this is day 5 and I have not seen any relief.