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Caffeine is a chemical found in coffee, tea, cola, guarana, mate, and other products. Caffeine is most commonly used to improve mental alertness, but it has many other uses. Caffeine is used by mouth or rectally in combination with painkillers (such as aspirin and acetaminophen) and a chemical called ergotamine for treating migraineheadaches. It is also used with painkillers for simple headaches and preventing and treating headaches after epidural anesthesia. Some people use caffeine for asthma, gallbladder disease, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), shortness of breath in newborns, and low blood pressure. Caffeine is also used for weight loss and type 2 diabetes. Very high doses are used, often in combination with ephedrine, as an alternative to illegal stimulants. Caffeine is one of the most commonly used stimulants among athletes. Taking caffeine, within limits, is allowed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Urine concentrations over 15 mcg/mL are prohibited. It takes most people about 8 cups of coffee providing 100 mg/cup to reach this urine concentration. Caffeine creams are applied to the skin to reduce redness and itching in dermatitis. Healthcare providers sometimes give caffeine intravenously (by IV) for headache after epidural anesthesia, breathing problems in newborns, and to increase urine flow. In foods, caffeine is used as an ingredient in soft drinks, energy drinks, and other beverages. People with voice disorders, singers, and other voice professionals are often advised against using caffeine. However, until recently, this recommendation was based only on hearsay. Now developing research seems to indicate that caffeine may actually harm voice quality. But further study is necessary to confirm these early findings.This medication has been used to treat male sexual function problems (impotence or erectile dysfunction). This medication is not indicated for use in women. It is also not recommended for use in children or older adults.
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quit | 27.06.13
caffeine is easy to use, and it is easy to get. It gives you the feeling of renewed energy, alertness, and vigor. But it is harmful to your body causing fatigue, headache, ache and pains, depression and other negative symptoms. And the worst thing of all is that it is addictive. caffeine is not a good thing, not good at all. it takes you up, but then it brings you down with a crash.
guest | 06.05.11
I have found that 1 caffine pill (200mg) along with IB takes my morning migraine headaches away in about 30 min most days. I only use over the counter pain killers and when I do not use the caffine with the IB then it won't work. Reading this site I now know why. Of course, this means that when I fell a migraine coming on at night I just have to endure until the morning because if I take my usual concoction I will not be able to sleep...this is the only down side of taking caffine pills to releive my headaches. THe other up side though is it helps me to wake up and get my day started. everything has it's ups and downs...use in moderation.
guest | 03.04.11
I have had migraines for over 13 years ago. I have tried every treatment that there is out there, most have not helped at all. My migraines are everyday from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. The first doctor I saw suggested caffeine pills, they maybe my heart flutter to much. Then he suggested for me to drink coffee or soda all day, that has worked to keep the migraines where I can handle them. I am now trying an injectable and it scars me, so I drink coke for most of my day.
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guest | 12.06.13
After I ejaculated, I experienced terribly irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure; I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Avoid this drug at all costs.
gomally2 | 15.01.13
One of the side effects of Yohimbine is death. Enough said. It worked very well for me, great hard ejection at first until my body got use to it, then didn't work. Always felt like crap. Had cold sweats, blood shot eyes, elevated pluse. A lot of negative side effects, including death. Don't use it.
Woody | 05.07.10
Very disappointed with it. Did nothing for me! Quit using after 2 weeks. Never got an erection. Maybe if I went to Africa and got the real stuff maybe worked
leopard | 15.02.10
Yohimbine definitely improved the blood flow to my penis, but really did not help me to obtain a better erection. It also caused an irregular heartbeat, so I quit taking it.