Domperidone vs Metoclopramide

DomperidoneDomperidone MetoclopramideMetoclopramide
Consult your pharmacist.Metoclopramide is used to treat certain conditions of the stomach and intestines. Metoclopramide is used as a short-term treatment (4 to 12 weeks) for persistent heartburn when the usual medicines do not work well enough. It is used mostly for heartburn that occurs after a meal or during the daytime. Treating persistent heartburn can decrease the damage done by stomach acid to the swallowing tube (esophagus) and help healing.
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guest | 12.10.13
I have Gastroparethis and terrible stomach cramps whether I eat or don't eat. I am searching for a medication that will make the cramps go away.
JenLR | 20.08.13
I take this medication for severe gastroparesis, and it has been wonderful for me. I was on TPN via PICC line and unable to handle even smoothies before I started this drug. Tonight I ate a cheeseburger! My only issue with it is that my body builds a tolerance to it quickly, and my doctors have been reluctant to raise my dosage. I currently take 15mg TID.
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jencespencer | 30.06.12
Hard to remember to take it on time...cause you never know when you eat. And I had major side effects. I was tired all the time, muscle weakness, sleepy, and jittery. My brain was running 30 miles an hour. cant think straight. Be careful if you noticed any twitches, cause I couldn't stood still.
guest | 04.12.11
made mough dry out. caused sleepiness
barbie61 | 17.05.11
I have been taking this medication for 19 years, I have never had any kind of problems.I have had extensive abdominal surgery 19 years ago, had to remove 40% of my pancreas...and 5 years later full blown diabeties....severe...have to be on an insulin pump....Its the best thing I could have ever done....And on top of that I was born with lipodystrophy very low fat cells in my body so there for I ...
pop-pop | 24.12.10
long time use. still get acid reflux. need drug for swallowing problems do to narrowing esophugus and operation from tear in it. drooling and can't sleep.
guest | 06.12.10
watery stools which I did not have before