Gabapentin vs Lyrica

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Gabapentin is used with other medications to prevent and control seizures. It is also used to relieve nerve pain following shingles (a painful rash due to herpes zoster infection) in adults. Gabapentin is known as an anticonvulsant or antiepileptic drug.Lyrica is used to treat pain caused by nerve damage due to diabetes or to shingles (herpes zoster) infection. It may also be used to treat nerve pain caused by spinal cord injury. Lyrica is also used to treat pain in people with fibromyalgia.
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Neurontin | 15.06.13
I suffer from neuropathy making unable to stand or walk. This medicine allows me a comfortable lifestyle.
guest | 04.06.13
I am taking this medication for nerve damage. It does its job, but it makes me very sleepy. I would rather deal with the pain than be sleepy all of the time.
shagnasty | 01.06.13
The reason for taking this drug was for a feeling, I wanted to jump out of my skin, I could not sleep or get comfortable in any form
Mad Jack | 26.05.13
I have several medical conditions which cause Neuropathic pain along with other chronic pain issues, therefore this medication with other pain medication does cause a drowsy effect. However the relief from the burning, stabbing, shooting pain outweighs the side effect most of the time.
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Mr hand some | 16.06.13
You will be in the Ly rica cloud!. yes you of will feel dru nk and feel as if you are tired all the time. you wiil be very slow youi will fefl like an idiot and I am a ver54y smart and i cant but together legos if I wanted while im on the cloud of lyrica. it takes the pain away for sure,but be careful you do not have to undertake an imkportant tasks that rwequire critical thinkinbg. d ...
Lady in pain | 10.06.13
I have fibromyalgia and was given this drug to help with the nerve pain. In the beginning at 50 mg it seemed to help some but 8 months later with the dosage increased to 200 mg a day I was feeling worse! I have gained 30 lbs, was bloated and holding water, my calves were swelled tight and so painful I didn't want to walk anywhere let alone do any exercise. I have been off of this med for about 3 w ... | 08.06.13
Woke up this morning with a terrible Bronchial cough , fever . very disoriented , a place n my arm is broken out and itches
patty | 07.06.13
Since I take many meds for various reasons, I can not speak to the side effects. I am sad because my ins. co. has jacked up the co-pay so I can't pay. It really helped my fibromyalgia. Any substitute suggestions?
guest | 30.05.13
The one side effect I do not like is daytime drowsiness and groggy feeling during the daytime hours.