Ketamine vs Propofol

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Consult your pharmacist.Consult your pharmacist.
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help us pls | 07.04.13
it provides a temporary relief of breakthrough pain for patient,
guest | 08.05.10
I have had over 10- 4 hour ketamine infusions for rsd/crps pain. Ketamine is the only drug that has helped decrease the pain, swelling and burning associated with the rsd. I had very little side effects and the results last about 4 to 6 months. Most insurance plans will not pay for the procedure and it is expensive, but worth every cent.
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guest | 05.12.13
used for sedation during colonoscopy. worked like a charm. easy out and quick wake up. nice experience.
wstankiewicz | 17.07.13
I have been "under" many times. Never have I recovered in just fifteen minutes. A few hours later I feel great, no drug hangover, no clouded memory. Thanks for this new miracle anesthesia treatment.