Oxytocin vs Pitocin

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Consult your pharmacist.Consult your pharmacist.
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miracles | 06.04.10
i have fibromyalgia and i went to the doctor yesterday. before the injection and after was hurting and tired, woke up the next day feeling absolutly great no aches at all no down feeling like i did everyday.
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guest | 12.01.12
after use of this medication i was sent home and came back the next day to find out my baby had passed away....after she was perfectly fine!!!
guest | 31.07.10
10 years ago on my due date, I was given pitocin before I had dilated to 2 cm and only 1 hour after water breakage. 16 hours later on pitocin, no labor and only dilated to barely 4 cm...pitocin stopped my labor completely!